3 Games to Play on Your Android if You Miss Playing Undertale


In the last blog, we mentioned how to search for good quality mattress for a bed and how it can affect your sleeping patterns. Today we will discuss three android games you download easily and have fun with. These are very popular and amazing games.

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Are you tired of killing in a game? Are you missing your old classic Undertale? Let’s face it guys! Undertale had a unique charm in the RPG gaming genre with its interesting plotline and entertaining gameplay. Let’s look back at our RPG classic Undertale and its feature before we jump to the list of games that are similar to our old favorite.

Toby Fox’s Undertale is a single-player role-playing and puzzle game. The game is played from a top-down standpoint, and gamers guide a kid avatar who is trapped in the underworld. A very thin Magic Barrier separates this enormous remote region beneath the Earth’s surface.

Following their descent into the Underworld, the player is tasked with exploring the environment, encountering creatures along the way, engaging in epic battles with the monsters, and continuing to ascend by reigning Bullet Hell over the opponents. It has several endings depending on the decisions you make during the game.

Due to the fact that Undertale is not intended for smartphones, users must explore viable substitutes. But even still, many gamers play Undertale and even wear trendy undertale sans cosplay in events. But for those of you who are looking to play similar games on your phone, let’s check out this list.

To the Moon

Developed and published by Freebird Games, To the Moon is an adventure RPG game that also sports the horror genre along with some explorative elements and puzzle-solving.

Sigmund Corp, according to the narrative, has developed a technology that can be used to produce artificial memories. People can use the devices to fulfill their desires, according to the corporation. Shortly after, the service begins to harm actual memory, and those who have been afflicted have just a few days to live.

Strange Telephone

Strange Telephone is one of the top adventure games of all time, however, categorizing it into a specific genre is challenging as the game also consists of quests and puzzles infused with other genres. It delivers a plot with a lot of depth, a fantastic gaming setting, and stunning visuals. It’s one of the best matches for anybody that enjoys pixel art adventure games.

The player takes control of Jill, a female character who awakens in an undisclosed location, and her ultimate goal is to complete a series of puzzles. The game features a point-and-click interface that allows the user to traverse the game’s enormous area, interact with various elements, collect objects, and attempt to solve every puzzle.

Peace, Death!

Peace, Death! Is a unique one! Why? Simple because it is a parody game of Papers, Please! It’s an arcade simulator in which you’ll take on the role of Reaper, Death’s personal helper. The plot starts out simple and even amusingly enough: your guy has no means of subsistence; therefore, he must go to work.

Peace, Death! casts you in the position of a Purgatory court, deciding whether people should go to heaven or hell. Like with any job, there is an evaluation period that you must complete while maintaining high grades. There are 47 stages in total, and you will only be distributing people’s souls between paradise, hell, and purgatory.

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