Bridal Sweater Trends You Need to Know About This Fall

We all know what the bridal industry is like, we all know what brides to expect when they walk down the aisle—we get it, it’s tradition. However, for many brides and grooms, a bridal sweater trend is a new idea and something that they have not yet experienced.

  1. Classic

Sweaters come in many shapes and colors, but there are some classic styles you should wear this fall. The classic wedding sweater has been around for ages. The first sweaters worn in the 1500s were long, woollen wool vests, worn over the clothing and as an extra layer. Over time, they evolved into cardigans, which were made of wool or silk and used as both a jacket and a shirt.

  1. Vintage

A lot of things change over time, and the same can be said for wedding trends. From time to time, the bridal fashion industry takes a spin, and the brides wear the latest fashions. If you are new to vintage wedding fashion, you might want to look up some pictures of how people used to wear their wedding dresses and what they wore. However, if you already have experience with vintage wedding dresses, you can skip this step and go straight to the next step.

  1. Bohemian

Boho bridal sweater will make the cut for wedding guest outfits in addition to being worn by the bride herself. Here are the most popular trends that the designers are implementing in their collections for the new season.

  1. Elegant

Now that we’ve got all that off our chests, let’s talk about some trends we see this season. First, we’ll start with the “vintage” trend that is being embraced by brides everywhere. In the past, brides had to wear uncomfortable clothing and a lot of layers just to stay warm during the winter. But now, brides are embracing the fall/winter style and showing off their stylish side. It’s all about dressing up in elegant, rich fabrics.

  1. Couture

Whether you’re looking for a stylish choice for your bridesmaids or a chic addition to your formal wear, the sweater trend has swept across every major wedding event. With all the different color options available, it’s hard to pick just one. We’re loving the rich blues paired with jewel tones, but if you’re a fan of earthy colors, you can always opt for a sweater dress in brown, camel, or even a plaid print. There are many different shapes, too, such as classic V-neck or scoop neck sweaters. While you may be tempted to pick a solid color for your wedding event, the sheer versatility of the sweater is worth exploring.


While some brides are looking for the perfect wedding dress, others are shopping for a new wardrobe for the new season. We’ve rounded up efive wedding sweater trends that are hot this fall. Find out which of these trendy sweaters are worth splurging on and which are better suited for fall weddings.

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