4 Common Reasons Why Majority of eCommerce Businesses Fail

At this moment in time, starting an eCommerce business seems like a grand idea. You’ll get the things from another country, put items on your website, set an urgent discount countdown, and presto, you’re rich in no time. Did you know 90% of eCommerce start-ups fail within 4 months of their launch? Did you know only 78% of the remaining survive the first year of business?

Well, now you know! If you are planning to start an eCommerce business or have already started and are failing at it, then you are in the right place. We are here to help you identify the most common mistakes that new business owners make that lead their businesses to shut down.

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Terrible Search Ranking

Another common mistake that leads to business failure! New business owners tend to not pay attention to SEO. It is essential that you hire a good and experienced SEO company in Vadodara that has experience in eCommerce websites.

Search engine optimization is the key to bringing the targeted audience to your website. No matter how unique your product is, SEO is essential. Your aim as an eCommerce company should be to have your product pages appear in the top 10 search results.

Poor Product Strategy

What do you sell on your website? More often than not, new business owners line up a variety of different types of products without a specific niche. Selling a wide variety of products will not establish you as an authority in your niche if you want to brand an eCommerce store. You must only sell top-of-the-line niche products that your target buyers are interested in purchasing.

Define your niche and be specific! For example, if you are planning to sell clothes – decide the business model. Are you going to sell self-designed clothes or have you hired few designers to produce a series of clothes? Or are you planning to buy clothes wholesale and sell them under your brand name? Decide on a product strategy after analyzing the market and the consumer’s needs.

Bad Website Design & Poor Content

Customers will not buy from an eCommerce site that is poorly designed. Isn’t it straightforward? It’s easy for us to say, but it’s not easy to do. When your site is included, failing to partner with a fantastic design business will only increase the failure rate.

Whether it’s a product description, a photo, a video, or a blog post, good content is essential for persuading others that you provide something more than other similar websites. Good visuals, a detailed product description, and the right value price are essential.

Lack of Marketing Plans

If you think your business can succeed based on the fact that your product is unique, think again! Ecommerce websites invest in advertising haphazardly or not at all since they don’t have a strategy for getting their products to market. When the results aren’t in, investment dwindles. Your marketing strategy must include paid, owned, and earned media as well as accurate and helpful content.

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