Classification of Football Cleats Based on the Ground

Football Cleats Based on the Ground

I guess you’re a football fan who loves a pair of sneakers. Many people have a pair of cheap football shoes in their sport clothes, but they don’t know the real classification of football shoes. In fact, running shoes and training shoes have different natures. Running shoes are running shoes. Training shoes refer to the training shoes that are used in the class. They are not used in games. They are mainly used for foot exercise.

There is a huge variety of football shoes available in the market. But have you ever wondered why there is such a wide range of shoes for the same sport? The answer is simple as the shoes vary in football due to the versatility of the sport. Thus, based on the surface of the game, shoes also vary.

Though football is an outdoor game, still it has also become quite versatile. And now it is played on various levels that too indoors as well as outdoors. So, the surfaces also keep varying and include grass, courts, artificial grass floor, etc.

So, it is inevitable to have a perfect grip on the floor while playing football for better performance, safety, and support. Thus, football cleats are also classified based on the playing surface.

Does it seem confusing now to choose the right type of cleats for your next game? No worries, in this guide you’ll find everything in detail about the type of football cleats and which particular cleat you must opt for every possible surface.

Types of Football Shoes and How to Pick the Right One

Types of Football Shoes and How to Pick the Right One

Now, as you know, the market has a lot to offer when it comes to football shoe shopping. It is crucial to choose the right pair as per the floor. Buying the expensive soft ground shoes for a tough surface would lead to wear and tear of the shoes. Also, it could be dangerous for the player.

So, going for the wrong shoe type must be the last thing anyone would want considering the disadvantages in mind. Let’s hop on to understand the various types of football cleats to avoid all your confusion on how to pick the right one.

1.      Soft Ground Cleats

As the name suggests, such cleats are best to go for soft ground pitches like wet grass or muddy fields. Such boots come with detachable studs having rubber or metal tip.

While playing on soft ground, it is crucial to make excellent traction. Hence, the studs attached to soft ground football cleats are longer and can be modified between rubber or metal tips as per the ground you are going to play on.

2.      Firm Ground Cleats

Firm Ground Cleats

Firm-ground cleats aka molded football shoes are the most preferred choice among players are best suited for natural grass pitches. Firm-ground pitches lie somewhere between the hard and wet surfaces and require efficient control while playing.

So, here also a series of studs are attached to the shoes in either conical or bladed shape. Thus, if you are looking for advanced cleats for such surfaces, the Nike Superfly V range is the best choice available. This range of Nike shoes has smartly embedded studs keeping the regions of extreme grip in mind.

Thus, they act as claws to your feet provide the required acceleration as well as deceleration avoiding accidents while changing direction and lateral movements.

3.      Artificial Grass Football Cleats

These cleats are quite similar to firm ground boots. Here also the studs’ system is used in the cleats for the grip. However, the cleats in such shoes are comparably shorter. Unlike firm ground, these are rarely manufactured now.

Lastly, you could also go for turf shoes that are compatible with artificial grass pitches. Most comfortable of all the types and provides a better balance on artificial grass. Thus gives a privilege of semi-flat soles.


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