Getting Ready To Lose Weight – Preparation Checklist For Women

Lack of time, lack of will, demotivating environment, daily life issues, mental issues, family issues, and whatnot. There are many excuses (some even truly acceptable ones) for not getting ready to work on losing your weight. This is not some motivation post to get you to that door. Get yourself together for a weight loss regime and then read this as this is a kick-starter for your regime that no one will tell you.

Let’s begin with the prep tips you need to follow before starting a weight loss regime.

Get Motivated By Buying Women ActiveWear Stuff

One thing that motivates women the most for going into the gym or park to exercise or yoga is the women activewear shopping. It brings out the keenness and interest in how they would look when they lose that extra fat. It can include anything, activewear leggings, yoga mat, gym bottle or even a wrist band for the sporting venture they are going on.

Visit Your Doctor Beforehand

Now before everything else, you should do this. Obesity has many forms and some are diseases that need medication along with exercise. Some diseases also may backfire when you are exercising and turn out to be harmful to your health. Secondly, if you already have any other heart problem or blood-related diseases, there has to be a confirmation by your doctor that the regime you are going to follow will not have any repercussions.

Practical Goal Setting

What is necessary once all the mental prep is done is goal setting. Write them down or decide it well in your mind, they need to be practical enough to be followed. Your overall health should not be ignored while losing weight and there are also some food options that you can avoid while trying to loos weight. While doing that, there has to be margin for set-backs and cheat days too. You are not a robot. (P.S. If you were you wouldn’t have gained weight ;-))

Be Open About Your Weight-Loss Schedule

The worst mistake people do is that they try to hide the fact that they are on a weight-loss regime and thus the change in their lifestyle. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You are brave enough to change yourself for the betterment of yourself. The more you talk about it, it would get normalized and won’t affect your mental health.

Warm Up Unconventionally

Lastly, you would be stuck in a regime once you get into the weight loss cycle. You don’t want the same thing for a warm-up too. Decide a warm-up that entertains you whilst giving you the results.

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