Super Fashionable Styling Ideas For Your High-Waist Jeans

High-waisted jeans can be a casual, flattering daytime style or a night out one. This style also helps to elongate your torso and fine-tune your waist & hips, giving you a balanced silhouette. Yet high-waisted jeans can be tricky to wear and if they don’t fit properly they can feel awkward. Start by choosing the right material and color for the Jeans that suit your body type. Then incorporate them into your outfits for an effortless, flattering look.

Tuck In Your Top

Don’t cover your jeans’ super high waist. Tuck into a jeans waistband in a t-shirt or blouse and get an instant outfit. Show off the jeans at the front and back by tucking into your top. You can tie the top so it sits just above your jeans’ waistband. Tie the two sides of a long t-shirt or button-up shirt together, and tie them in a knot just above your jeans’ top button.

Flaunt It With A Crop Top

Crop tops are a perfect pair of high-waisted jeans because they let you show off the top band of the jeans. Opt for crop tops that hit just above your hips. You can also try on cropped blouses and t-shirts. You may also wear cropped sweaters which are short-sleeve or long-sleeve with high-waisted jeans.

Add On Fun Belts For A Spunk Attire

If the jeans have loops on the belt, be sure to throw a fun belt for added spunk. Many high waisted jeans for women come with a denim sash serving as a belt. Look for belts in a neutral material such as brown leather or black. For a sleeker look, consider a slim belt or a wider belt for a more statement look.

Style It With Fitted Blazers

Wear slim high-waisted jeans with a blouse tucked in and a fitted blazer for a business casual look. Try wearing a vibrant blazer blouse in a neutral color such as black, dark blue, or beige. You may also wear a tailored t-shirt or cropped top for a more casual feel, with a longer jacket and high-waisted jeans.

Choosing Right Footwear For Your Jeans

High-waist jeans, skinny or tailored, look fantastic with high heels as the height elongates the legs. To offset jeans in a dark wash, try patterned heels for a fun look or heels in a neutral color.

Also, you can pair skinny high-waisted jeans with flat or medium heel sandals. Try leather sandals for a more relaxed summer feel, or sandals with a heel for an evening out

Basic flats are an excellent choice for a casual day look. Pair denim or boots in leather with the high-waist jeans. Try patterned flats in a fun color with high-waist dark wash jeans or black high waist jeans.

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